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Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is a 100% natural teething toy produced by Vulli toys that is loved by children worldwide.

Born in France in 1961, Sophie the Giraffe has been part of babies' lives for 50 years. Each Sophie the Giraffe made today, still requires a total of 14 manual operations. Sophie the Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree giving her a pleasant distinctive smell. She is painted with natural food paint. Sophie is also BPA and phthalates free.

Sophie the Giraffe is specifically designed to stimulate all five of a baby's senses. She is slender, flexible and soft, your baby can squeeze and chew her in complete safety. Lovable and amusing, she makes a happy sound when squeezed which stimulates hearing and helps your baby to understand the link between cause and effect. She is perfect for soothing sore gums when teething. Your child will love Sophie!

Sophie the Giraffe - the 100% Natural Teething Toy
  • Made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree.
  • Natural Rubber is soft, safe & non-toxic for baby to teethe & chew.
  • Lightweight & easy to grasp for tiny hands.
  • Painted with non-toxic, food-grade paints.
  • Stimulating to baby's senses with her soft colors & gentle squeak.
  • Bumpy head helps soothe sore, teething gums.
  • Sophie the Giraffe is Phthalate-Free with No Vinyl (no-PVC!)
  • 17cm Tall (7")
  • Suitable from 0 months +
  • Comes in a gift box

Price: $39.90


So Pure Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether

Natural Teether made from 100% natural rubber. A material that is healthy, natural, soft and supple, taken from the sap of the Hevea tree for a product that babies will love.

Easy for little hands to grab, with its integral handle in the shape of Sophie's head. Lots of parts to nibble on (ears and horns).

Ergonomically shaped and with different textures on each side for different sensations. Little ridges on one side to soothe the first teeth as they form. On the other side, rounded little bumps to massage painful gums. Ideal to relieve babies at different stages of teething or according to the pain they feel.

Suitable from birth +

Price: $21.90


So Pure Sophie the Giraffe and Natural Teether Set

The ideal gift for teething baby!

  • Original Sophie the Giraffe, baby's first toy to stimulate all his senses
  • A Natural Teether made from 100% natural rubber.

Suitable from 0 months +

Price: $49.90


Sophie the Giraffe - So'Pure Teething Ring

The first teething ring made of 100% natural rubber. Made from the same natural rubber and food grade paints as the original Sophie la giraffe. Great for little hands to hold and ideal for soothing painful gums. Features a variety of textures to relieve baby at different stages of teething.

Price: $21.95


Sophie the Giraffe Multi-Textured Rattle

Bright colours to draw attention.
Supple and hard textured material to be chewed for soothing painful gums. 4 geometrical shapes to handle.

Shake to hear and see the coloured marbles knock together.

Easy to grasp hold of and to handle thanks to its ring shape.

Suitable from 3 months +

Price: $21.90


Sophie the Giraffe Bath Toys

Here comes Sophie the Giraffe again, this time as a floating, squirting toy for baby to play with in the bath. She squirts water when squeezed.

  • Made from phthalate-free Vinyl.
  • Suitable for 6 months +
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Available in yellow



Sophie the Giraffe Bath Puzzle

A bath toy with Sophie the Giraffe and her friends for baby to play with!
  • Discover - Shapes to be fitted together to become a toy set for baby to play with. Funny characters to be fitted onto different shapes: Sophie the Giraffe and all her friends: a penguin, a whale, a snail, a baby and a ladybird.
  • Practical - The characters and shapes float on water, making baby's bath time even more fun
  • Fun - They spray out water when their bodies are pressed, and their rounded shape makes them easier to grip. Perfect for developing baby's motor skills, concentration and logic

Price: $39.95


Soft Toy to Chew - Chan, Pie & Gnon

A toy to awaken all baby's senses!

  • Taste: Composed of 100% natural rubber and alimentary paint, it is harmless for baby. Ideal for cutting teeth, with many parts to chew.
  • Hearing: It has a whistle, which will amuse baby and help him to understand the relation between cause and effect.
  • Touch: A concept with rounded shapes especially designed to enable baby to take a firm hold.
  • Smell: The special odour of natural rubber from the Hevea tree gives it a particular perfume and makes it easy for baby to identify among his toys.
  • Sight: 3 models to collect: Chan, Pie or Gnon, composed of a bright colour to catch baby's eye.

Colours: Chan - Blue, Pie - Pink, Gnon - Yellow

Price: $24.95

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