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Bath Beans & Sprudels
OiOi Baby Bags
Sophie the Giraffe
Spooner Boards
Peanut Shell
Whimsy bed linen
Gratitude gift bags
Woddlers backpacks
Crocodile Creek backpacks
Lou and Olly Blankets
3 Sprouts
So Young
Krea Photo Albums
Spuds Dinnerware

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About 3 Wise Monkeys

I purchased 3 Wise Monkeys with my husband Jason in 2012, having long desired to be in retail.

We have two children, Felicity aged 4 ½ and Alastair 1 ½ , to whom I wanted to be available to whilst returning to the workforce.

With 3 Wise Monkeys, I am endeavouring to bring a range of quality products that people of all ages love, use and hopefully pass down through the generations. In our disposable society, I believe it is important to return to (where practically possible) the concept when items were bought with longevity in mind quality, timeless products that can be enjoyed by others rather than thrown away.

All the products at 3 Wise Monkeys are ones that I feel proud to give as gifts, thrilled to own, and confident to sell to you.

3 Wise Monkeys will continue to sell the old favourites as well as introducing new and exciting products that fulfill our commitment to quality, longevity and enjoyment.