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Breeze Baby Slings & Peanut Shell Slings

These stylish baby slings will become an absolute 'must have' for your precious little one. They are functional, practical and gorgeous - a fabulous gift for anyone with a baby.

Breeze Baby Sling

Carrying your baby - a wonderful choice made perfect with Breeze Baby.

The Breeze Baby sling keeps baby close, peaceful and settled, giving you freedom, convenience and unmatched versatility.

Take your baby from cradle to hip or café to beach effortlessly, year-round. Breeze Baby's silky, breathable mesh and quick-dry, non-absorbent fabric keeps you cool in summer and makes showering and swimming a breeze.

Breeze Baby lets you snuggle your newborn or growing child with five simple sling positions and easy adjustment to suit different wearers.

Breeze Baby offers unmatched versatility with the following features and benefits:

  • breathable mesh for year-round cool comfort
  • quick-dry, non-absorbent fabric perfect for water use
  • versatility in or out of the water
  • perfect from birth to toddler up to 15kgs
  • five easy-to-use carry positions
  • wide support over shoulder and back for even weight distribution
  • fully adjustable to suit all wearers
  • one sling size fits all
  • ultra-light, compact design for throw-and-go convenience
  • packs easily into your baby bag
  • great family holiday companion - wear on plane , wear on beach
  • makes showering safe with a slippery-when-wet baby
  • useful when taking more than one child to the pool
  • handy tail to pull up for shade or nursing privacy
  • certified non-toxic, machine washable fabric
  • strong, certified aluminium rings for safety and confidence
  • superior quality - rings safety tested up to 180kgs

From cradle to hip, café to beach - it's a Breeze, Baby.

Fair Trade. Made in USA.

Royal Blue

Colours: Royal Blue, Black, Red, White

Price: $99.00

Sorry, presently out of stock

Breeze Baby instructions (PDF file)

Peanut shell adjustable baby sling

Introducing the NEW Adjustable Peanut Shell Sling

We get it; parenting takes some adjusting. Now you have a fashionable, durable and comfortable baby sling in just one size. What could be easier?

Our sling is truly one size fits all and features a no-slip safety strap, a perfectly sized pouch and padded rails making our sling the safest for you and your baby. We use a cotton stretch, single layer sling design that gives like a pair of stretch jeans featuring 97% cotton and 3% spandex. Adjustable slings are recommended for premmies to toddlers up to 12kg.

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry.

Peanut Shell Features and Benefits:

  • Exclusive designer prints
  • Endorsed by Celebrity Mums
  • Perfect for premmies to toddlers
  • 5 carry positions - one size fits all
  • Lead & Formaldehyde Free
  • Easy breastfeeding on-the-go
Wearing your baby supports -
Parent-infant bonding. Parents learn baby's cue faster in closer contact, giving them greater confidence.
Secure and confident babies. Sling babies appear less clingy and are more self reliant.
Deeper and longer sleep patterns as carried babies fall asleep more easily.
The reduction of reflux and colic symptoms
Fussy babies and reduces crying by up to 51%

The New adjustable Peanut Shell is a stylish sling that adapts to your child's growing needs

Offering optimum support for baby and maximum hands-free comfort for parents, the new adjustable sling is available in exclusive designer fabrics, combining stylish detail with flexible hands-free versatility. Now you can nurture your child wherever you are - at home, work or play.
The Peanut Shell offers 5 comfortable carry positions - cradle, kangaroo, tummy to tummy, back, & hip - ideal for premmies to toddlers up to 12kg.
With parents peace of mind our top priority, the adjustable Peanut Shell's perfectly shaped pouch promotes healthy spinal development for baby. Its sleek, padded shoulder also features a heavy-duty buckle and safety strap for secure, fuss-free adjusting.

Peanut Shell - babywearing never looked so good

The Peanut Shell - Instruction Guide (PDF file)

Peanut Shell - Whisper adjustable

The 'Whisper' adjustable sling has a delicate leaf pattern silhouetted against a soft warm grey background

Price: $99.00

Peanut Shell - Dahlia adjustable

The 'Dahlia' adjustable sling is decorated with flower and leaf medallions in sophisticated latte and lavendar

Price: $99.00

Peanut Shell - Chocolate adjustable

The rich 'Chocolate' adjustable sling is good enough to eat. Some say it's the new black

Price: $99.00

Peanut Shell - Black adjustable

The 'Black' adjustable sling is all you need for simple, sleek and understated babywearing style.

Price: $99.00

Sorry, presently out of stock

Peanut Shell - Weekend in Paris

Classic Parisian Prints with Beautiful Birds and Cherry Blossoms. Reverses to a Sophisticated Pink Damask. As your beautiful baby is carried away into contentment under this beautiful sling, it is you, ironically, who is transported to your happy place, like Paris. Feminine baby slings-100% cotton sateen baby sling, reversible, comfort leg padding with pocket and fabric toy loop. Accent piping and original designer contoured shape.

Sizes: Small and Medium

Price: $110.00 SALE PRICE: $90.00 (Small only)

Choose a size

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Peanut Shell - Walk in the Park

Breaking the glass ceiling. Finishing the Ironman in Hawaii. Giving birth without an epidural. Chatting with freinds while ordering lunch...baby in tow. A walk in the park. Orange blossoms paired with a palette of deep brown and pale yellow and cherub sparrows—reverses to a deep brown circular pattern 100% cotton sateen baby sling, reversible, comfort leg padding with pocket and fabric toy loop. Accent piping and original designer contoured shape.

Sizes: Small only

Price: $110.00 SALE PRICE: $90.00

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Sizing Tips for the Peanut Shell Original Sling

Our Peanut Shell baby slings are designed to fit the person wearing the sling. Sizing is based on your overall upper body size, torso length, personal preference and height. You will want the baby sling to fit snug but feel comfortable. With baby inside the sling, the baby should ride in line with your hip bones or above. As your baby grows you will use the variety of carrying positions all in the same sling.

The most important key to successful use of the Peanut Shell baby sling is to first get the right size. Keep in mind that that even with all of our guidance the “correct” size sling is what safely works for you and your baby. Most people can wear 2 different sizes in our baby slings-as you can in clothes.

If you have a Peanut Shell baby sling that is too big your baby will not feel secure and will ride too low on your body (lower than your hip
bones). This is not only unsafe for your child but may also lead to back and/or shoulder discomfort. If the baby sling is too small you won’t even be able to get the baby in or you will feel like you can’t breathe. Keep in mind that the correct fit of the Peanut Shell baby sling should feel snug with baby inside BUT you should be comfortable. If you are new to sling wearing, with the correct snug fit, you may even think it is too small.

Please use the information provided on this page to help you pick the correct size baby sling. We have created our chart over time using our expertise that comes with fitting thousands of parents and have found it to be very accurate. However, as each person is shaped different, each person will have a personal preference cannot be
accounted for. This chart is a suggestion and not a guarantee.

Peanut Shell Sling Suggested Size Chart

Shoulder to hip measurement
Above chest (inches)
Example height & body types
petite to average or short
Average or tall & thin
Tall & average or shorter and full
Full figure or tall and full
Possible cup sizes
can be any
can be any
can be any
C-D or more
T-Shirt size

Peanut Shell Sling Additional Sizing Information
If your Peanut Shell Sling size falls into two categories use the additional information below to help you select a size.

Reasons to order the SMALLER size
Reasons to order the LARGER size
You know you want a snug higher carry
You think you want a little wiggle room
You are ordering a micro-fleece sling
You are ordering a cotton stretch or reversible Peanut Shell sling
You carry your weight in your lower body or have narrow shoulders
You carry your weight above your waist or have broad shoulders/back
You have a short torso
You have a long torso
You are shorter (under 5'6")
You are tall (over 5'8")
You will begin wearing your Peanut Shell sling with a newborn or an older baby/toddler
You will begin wearing your baby sling with an infant (2-7 months)
You will mostly be wearing lightweight clothing (tank tops, t-shirts, etc.) with the sling
You will mostly be wearing heavier clothing (sweaters, sweatshirts, etc) with the sling
You are pregnant and in the later half of your pregnancy (end of 2nd trimester or 3rd trimester)
You are in the beginning of your pregnancy (up to end of 1st trimester)

Basic Sling Instructions

Step 1: Folding the Sling
Before you put on your sling, make sure your pouch is folded in half (it is packaged folded correctly). To do this you will need to fold it in half lengthwise, with the two sewn sides of the pouch parallel, creating a “pouch.” (pocket on outside and padded rail on inner edge against your body).

Step 2: Putting the Sling On
Hold the Peanut Shell(r) baby sling in one hand with the folded edge nearest your body and the curved seam pointing toward the ground. Slip the pouch up and over your head, putting the arm that was holding the pouch through it, and let it come to rest on the opposite shoulder (like you are Miss Australia and wearing a sash).

Step 3: Proper Placement of the Sling
Before you put baby in your Peanut Shell(r) baby sling make sure the fabric of the pouch is spread across the ball of your shoulder, NOT up around your neck (so your shoulder bone should be centered on the fabric across your shoulder) and smoothed across your back. Your Peanut Shell(r) should fit snugly to allow for the stretch of the fabric and to give you the most comfortable carry. The seam should be positioned over your belly button.

TIP: No matter which position you are using, your baby’s bottom always
goes on the seam, which is curved to create a deep “seat.” For front cradle or upright carries, position the seam just off-center from your belly button, about halfway between belly button and hip bone. For hip carries, it should be at your hip.